Jenny Lynn specializes a family, newborn and baby photography in Baltimore, MD.

A Little Bit About Me

I am a natural-light photographer who focuses on newborn, maternity, family and baby photography in Baltimore, Pikesville, Towson, Columbia and the surrounding areas. Jenny Lynn Photography began with a focus on baby photography in Baltimore and soon expanded to family portraits, newborn photography and maternity photos. 

I am in love with photography. I still can’t believe I get paid to pursue my passions. 

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A Little Bit About My Style

Recently, a client told me that the reason she hired me over other photographers was because she liked that my pictures “didn’t have a lot of stuff in them.” Essentially, she liked that I cut out the clutter and focus on the people. I’d never heard this before, but I really, really like it. And it made me want to explain a bit behind my personal brand of photography.

I use prime (or fixed) lenses almost exclusively. Prime lenses have no zoom. Therefore, I am the zoom, which causes me to get close, to move around the subject more, and to find the perfect angle and distance for each photo. You’ll never find me standing in one place for more than a few seconds when I’m shooting. It’s kind of like driving manual vs. automatic: it’s a very hands-on way to shoot.

In the end, I agree with my client. I don’t like clutter. My favorite photographs are the ones that focus close in and that capture some form of raw emotion, whether it be silliness, beauty or pure joy. It’s always there in the room with us, and I love finding it.

Jenny Lynn. Photo by Guillaume Dumas

Jenny Lynn. Photo by Guillaume Dumas